Модификации романной формы в прозе Запада второй половины ХХ столетия.


Цитаты даны по изд.: Фолкнер У. Светилище. Реквием по монахине. Притча: Романы. — М., 1997. Здесь и далее страницы указаны в тексте работы в скобках. «… When sergeant-major, the pistol still smoking faintly in his hand, moved from Lapin to the corporal, he found that the plunge of the post had jammed it and its burden too into a tangled mass of old barbed wire, a strand of which had looped up and around the top of the post and the men's head as though to assoil them both in one unbroken continuatiuon of the fall, into the anonymity of the earth». (Faulkner W. A Fable . — N.Y., 1954. — P. 385—386).