Театр ситуаций.

Theatre of Situations.

Sergey Horujy.

The text is a meditation in a free style reviewing and analyzing the current situation in the three spheres: Philosophy – Russia – Anthropology. Philosophical situation is seen as an “empty scene”, the break in the philosophical process and hidden trends to transmutation of philosophical discourse taking place “behind the scene”. Ideas of Vattimo, Rorty and Foucault close to the presented view are adduced. The transmutation in question is expected to bring forth eventually the transformation of all the field of the humanities into an anthropological episteme. As for the situation of Russia, it is considered in historical perspective, relying on basic structures of Eastern-Christian discourse and Russian consciousness. It is demonstrated that principal features of the current situation make one to suggest that generative and creative capacity of national organism is near to exhaustion. In the anthropological part, the chronotope of Man is regarded as an area of Classical European Man surrounded by nonclassical anthropological formations taking place both before and after the classical one. Basic ideas of synergetic anthropology, a nonclassical anthropological model developed by the author and drawing upon the experience of spiritual practices, are presented. Properties of synergetic anthropology, due to which it can serve as the core of an anthropological episteme are pointed out.